Polaroid Spectra System

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Polaroid Spectra System

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man i got shafted at albertsons san dimas…all their spectra film packs were gone once i got my camera!!

luckily one in upland had 2 more packs @ $10.34…while the wal greens next door $30


Happy Birthday to me

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after drinks food

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yeah this blog is late but im a big ol’ 23 years old now

doesnt really feel different but its fun none the less.

I plan to do a few shoots soon
I have a reshoot with Herman


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i cant wait for school to be over…projects here, presentations there! whats worse is that I have no job.  anyone want a photoshoot? im not too expensive! 

Jager setup

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Jager setup

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Hello world!

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I’ve switched to word press because it looks nicer haha

a little bit of milk an cookies

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Gourmet Chocolate Chunk
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simple pleasure as milk and cookies can make the world all better

i’ve been itching to go do some creative portraits but no time hold me back

perhaps on spring break

Some chocolate muffin with that tea

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Its a pretty sunday so i had to celebrate with a spot of tea and this costco chocolate muffin

you can get a variety pack of choco,blueberry, and some apple crisp