I love taking pictures? I started 4 years ago with high end camera phones. I would try so much to get good photos and it did show. I then went on to a point and shoot which I still use. The move to the DSLR made all the difference in photo quality I made the jump to full frame digital and now know what I have been missing on those cropped sensors. I just love the colors Canon makes. I’m a gear head when it comes to stuff like this, i can spit off numbers. However, I try to apply my knowledge into my pictures to get the best I can do, if not better! Photography has been instilled in me since I was little but I never fully appreciated it till 3 years ago…but man is it an expensive hobby. I am trying to find a direction with my photographs, which seems is the hardest thing to do I go to school at Cal Poly Pomona as a International Business and Marketing My buddy J_Diz, Summer, and Dorotron gives me a run for the money in taking pics…friendly competition.some sites of mine: Myspace flickr and you can email me: asimplefarmer A T gmail.com


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