Whats this??!?

I had a nice time this past weekend in Las Vegas. Though I went with the family, I still snuck in some time to have a few drinks, play a little poker and smoke a cigar. The major highlight to the trip was visiting the Charleston Antique Mall. Inside there were so many different “stuff” to look at. Though the majority looked like junk, as the saying goes, it could be another man’s treasure!

I was tempted to purchase gentlemen’s magazines from the 1960’s but at a $10 price tag, it was definately crossed off. I started wandering some more and when i passed this area that I went through before I saw something I missed! It was a Polaroid SX-70 One Step Sonar! I about freaked with joy! There was actually a second one but I didnt feel like spending on two of them. Ill save it for the next person. I looked at the price tag and was content with the price of $28, though when I paid for it it came out cheaper with the sale that the mall had. total: $25.30.

SX-70 One Step Sonar

SX-70 One Step Sonar


~ by asimplefarmer on December 8, 2008.

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