Pro model

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I’ve been busy with photoshoots lately and last year has been so great to me. I’ve not only made some extra money from stock photography as well as a bunch of trade for pics and paid work. My partner in crime Lasonic has been gracious enough to include me in his shoots he has set up. We have been combining our flashes to create a mobile on location shooting team. Basically on the paid shoots, i’ve been for the most part foregoing my  share of the pay to help grow the White Lighting #2 fund for him. Basically we are trying to grow our equipment.

A shoot we did in December was this with an agency signed model by Click Models.

Some shots from the gig

Spanish Warmth



Still alive

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This blog is still alive! I just need to build up my strength to write new posts. I have a lot of pictures to post!

(corn) Flakes end up becoming nutricious

•February 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was supposed to have a photoshoot last Sunday with a model I’ve never met before with a fellow photographer friend of mine. I tried contacting the model the day before and day of only to see that she flaked on the shoot with no response nor appology after the fact. So Lasonic and I decided to say fugg it let’s go take pictures anyways!

It ended up that we had a great time. We combined gear and shot a whole lot…though I became the model. I remembered that I had some brass ( aluminum) knuckles in my bag and we thought of the idea of “bustin rocks” which made me look tough!

We were sandwiching myself with hard light and freezing the rocks with our large soft light in front. Ended up really cool. You can check out more pics at my myspace:

Whats this??!?

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I had a nice time this past weekend in Las Vegas. Though I went with the family, I still snuck in some time to have a few drinks, play a little poker and smoke a cigar. The major highlight to the trip was visiting the Charleston Antique Mall. Inside there were so many different “stuff” to look at. Though the majority looked like junk, as the saying goes, it could be another man’s treasure!

I was tempted to purchase gentlemen’s magazines from the 1960’s but at a $10 price tag, it was definately crossed off. I started wandering some more and when i passed this area that I went through before I saw something I missed! It was a Polaroid SX-70 One Step Sonar! I about freaked with joy! There was actually a second one but I didnt feel like spending on two of them. Ill save it for the next person. I looked at the price tag and was content with the price of $28, though when I paid for it it came out cheaper with the sale that the mall had. total: $25.30.

SX-70 One Step Sonar

SX-70 One Step Sonar

Coffee and Shoots

•November 30, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’ve been busy lately working so much at Enterprise Rent-A-Car that i neglected this blog. I have been doing some shooting in the past 2 months. The most recent would be of my friend’s brother Elijah Smalley. He’s great at what he does.

Also good news is that I finally got an espresso maker. Though its only 21 dollars from Ross, it works for me in my budget. Ill upgrade to the fancy italian ones later 😉 . The aromas of brewing coffee in the morning really gets me feeling great! It is so inviting and makes me want to slow down to enjoy the crisp morning air while enjoying my brew.

Starbucks Decaf Espresso Roast

Starbucks Decaf Espresso Roast

The other white meat

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Last weekend I got to chill with a super badass photographer Andrew Chan and his crew. I guess they are super famous all over the USA/China/Korea with fans all over. Every where we walked people noticed The Chaninator. Cant be hard to miss with a name like that.

Got to show the guys (and gal) how we do it in LA 😛

On the second day his friend Tiffany pointed out this yogurt place as “Viet Yogurt 44” only for it to be called “Diet Yogurt 44”. worked so perfectly as most vietnamese places go by Pho 777 or some thing.

thats what we do…

Done by Jiro

Eddie and chan

Wide Open

•September 6, 2008 • 2 Comments

I revisited my friend in orange county to take pictures of her again. This time it was more about shooting wide open/golden rich sun colors/vintagy clothing. I think it worked out nicely

You can view more in the flickr set